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Are you ready for World Cup 2022?

The Lawn at The Tower Hotel

World Cup 2022 fixtures

We're hosting a fanzone in conjunction with sponsor Budweiser. Get the most out of the game by booking a seat in the fanzone or even bag one in our VIP area. Our booking QR codes are below. 

You might be on the edge of your seat, but you still need to eat! Keep the hunger pangs at bay with our famous burgers and fries, chicken wings and sides... And of course a range of drinks to whet your whistle before halftime!

Competition time!

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we invite guests at The Lawn at the Tower Hotel to enter a competition to complete the highest number of ‘keep ups’ before each game. In return for achieving the highest number of ‘keep ups’ the winner will receive 1 Burger & Fries to be served at half time of the game following each competition event.

The entrant with the highest number of ‘keep ups’ across the entire competition (up to and including the third place play-off) will win a £100 bar tab to be redeemed at The Lawn during the FIFA 2022 World Cup Final on Sunday 18th December 2022.

Competition T&Cs

Week one

Sunday November 20

Qatar vs Ecuador 4pm 

Monday November 21

England vs Iran 1pm 

Senegal vs Holland 4pm 

USA vs Wales 7pm 

Tuesday November 22

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 10am 

Denmark vs Tunisia 1pm 

Mexico vs Poland 4pm 

France vs Australia 7pm 

Wednesday November 23

Morocco vs Croatia 10am 

Germany vs Japan 1pm 

Spain vs Costa Rica 4pm 

Belgium vs Canada 7pm 

Thursday November 24

Switzerland vs Cameroon 10am 

Uruguay vs South Korea 1pm 

Portugal vs Ghana 4pm 

Brazil vs Serbia 7pm 

Friday November 25

Wales vs Iran 10am 

Qatar vs Senegal 1pm 

Holland vs Ecuador 4pm 

England vs USA 7pm 

Saturday November 26

Tunisia vs Australia 10am 

Poland vs Saudi Arabia 1pm 

France vs Denmark 4pm 

Argentina vs Mexico 7pm 

Sunday November 27

Japan vs Costa Rica 10am 

Belgium vs Morocco 1pm 

Croatia vs Canada 4pm 

Spain vs Germany 7pm 

Week two

Monday November 28

Cameroon vs Serbia 10am 

South Korea vs Ghana 1pm 

Brazil vs Switzerland 4pm 

Portugal vs Uruguay 7pm 

Tuesday November 29

Ecuador vs Senegal 3pm 

Holland vs Qatar 3pm 

Iran vs United States 7pm 

Wales vs England 7pm 

Wednesday November 30

Tunisia vs France 3pm 

Australia vs Denmark 3pm 

Poland vs Argentina 7pm 

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 7pm 

Thursday December 1

Canada vs Morocco 4pm 

Croatia vs Belgium 4pm 

Japan vs Spain 7pm 

Costa Rica vs Germany 7pm 

Friday December 2

Ghana vs Uruguay 4pm 

South Korea vs Portugal 4pm 

Serbia vs Switzerland 7pm 

Cameroon vs Brazil 7pm 

Knockout games TBC

The Lawn fanzone, sponsored by Budweiser

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Book a stay at The Tower Hotel Book your next London stay directly with Guoman Hotels for the best price, guaranteed.
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