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Something Spectacular

Restaurants & Bars
at The Tower Hotel, London

Whether you're staying at the Tower Hotel, London, near Tower Hill, or looking for a unique restaurant and bar on the riverside for dinner, drinks, or afternoon tea near Tower Bridge, you'll quickly discover that our restaurant, Vicinity, is the ideal destination for any occasion. Located directly on the River Thames next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, you'll find unparalleled views combined with a great vibe. So whether you're in the mood for food near Tower Hill or afternoon tea near Tower Bridge, Vicinity is your go-to spot for a memorable culinary experience. 

Or enjoy a tipple or two at The JD Bar, our first-floor bar serving up a range of eclectic cocktails, Jack Daniel's specials, and devine Ping Pong Dim Sum. Best of all? You'll enjoy unparalleled views of Tower Bridge, looking beautiful all lit up against the night sky.