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Restaurants & Bars at The Royal Horseguards Hotel

With a stay at the Royal Horseguards, you’ll find some of the finest bars and restaurants just moments from your room. Enjoy sumptuous meals at our award-winning One Twenty One Two restaurant, cocktails and light bites at the Equus Bar and luxurious afternoon tea in our relaxing lounge.

Our One Twenty One Two restaurant can offer à la carte menus and private dining. Once you have finished with dinner, step through to the Equus bar, a recent addition to this historic hotel, which offers the perfect place for a nightcap or the start of a night on the town.

Our restaurants and bars near Trafalgar Square are just moments away from the best of London’s nightlife. From the hotel you can easily move on to one of the world-famous West End theatres to take in a show or hop in a taxi to Soho for a drink or two before heading back to your room.