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Equus Bar

With its eclectic fabrics and decor, the Equus Bar recreates the ‘gentlemen’s club’ atmosphere of the hotel’s past, and celebrates our rich history with a range of contemporary cocktails named after famous former guests, including the George Bernard Shaw, Lord Kitchener, Winston Churchill and William Gladstone.

Mixologists at Equus develop a different cocktail of the month for you to enjoy. Each cocktail has an exciting distinctive theme, see below the carefully designed recipes for you to try your dab hand at.

The Equus Bar menu also includes an extensive selection of non-alcoholic drinks, including our Equus Cola, home-made to a secret recipe, traditional fresh Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Lychee Lemonade and Green Tea Cooler.

If you feel a tad peckish, we have that covered too with Equus Tasting Plates starting from £9.

French Kiss - February 

25 ml of Agave Tequila

25 ml of Amarula Cream 

50 ml of Double cream

10 ml of Chambord Liqueur

10 ml syrup de grenadine

Shaken not stirred, served in a martini glass and garnished with a skewer of raspberry and a strawberry heart.

Equus Spring – March

50 ml of Vodka

20 ml of Pomme Verte

35 ml of Lychee Juice

20 ml of Passion fruit Syrup

½ a Lime 

½ a Passion fruit

Shake all ingredients together. Gently add 3 drops of Grenadine on the side of martini glass and strain the cocktail gently. To garnish, add a small top of mint for that added spring smell.  

The Last Runner – April 

50ml Hendrick's gin

5 x Blueberries

2 x Raspberries

1 x Blackberry

A slice of cucumber

Homemade sugar syrup

Topped with apple juice and served in a tall tumbler with ice.

Basil Crush – May 

35 ml Cognac

15 ml Lillet Blanc

4 x Basil leafs

5 x Raspberries

1 bar spoon of Brown Sugar

¼ of a Vanilla pod

½ Lime

Raspberries, vanilla pod, lime and sugar gently muddled together, add the delicate basil leaves, spirits and shake. Cocktail is strained to the glass topped with crushed ice and garnished with tip of the basil and raspberry plus two short black straws.

Aperol Sorbet Spritz - June

Homemade Aperol Sorbet

100ml Prosecco

10gm Sugar

Juice from 1/2 an orange 

Gently stir and dissolve the sugar into the freshly squeezed orange juice in the Champagne Coupe, scoop the Aperol sorbet into the centre of the glass and delicately fill up with Prosecco. Garnish with an orange peel spiral. 


Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday 11.00am - 01.00am 

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