Press Release Date: 20 Oct, 2009

A drink to feel good about: Cocktails with a conscience are the new trend to hit London ’s top hotel bars.

From a cocktail served in a musical jewellery box to another which comes in male and female versions, a new collection of cocktails has been exclusively designed for specific London hotel bars with 100% of the profits going to charities helping Britain's injured servicemen – a move that will soften any drinkers’ hangover.

The brain behind the new charity cocktail concoctions is award-winning mixologist Andy Pearson, who has represented the UK in two world finals at the World Bartending Championships and is a previous National Champion for the UK Bartenders Guild.
Andy was commissioned by deluxe London hotel group Guoman Hotels, which owns four of the capital's most individual hotels, to create the cocktails which will be available in their hotel bars, from the trendy post-modern Cumberland at the top of Park Lane to the understated elegance of 18th century The Royal Horseguards in Whitehall .
Andy said; “Drinking is about so much more than just alcohol and taste – it should be savoured as a full-on sensory experience which is as reliant on various external factors, such as the environment in which it is created, as on the actual ingredients and the way in which they are mixed. The truly great cocktails of the world have been inspired by their surroundings.”

He continued, “Each of the four cocktails has been directly influenced by the history, style and atmosphere of some of London’s most notable hotels”.

The cocktails in the collection include:

The Punto Central cocktail at Charing Cross : Priced at £9
This romantic cocktail comes in two varieties: one male, one female… but both drinks share three common tastes - apple, ginger and raspberry. Whilst the male version is mixed with Cutty Sark Blended Scotch and served in a very masculine martini glass, the female version is vodka-based with Chambord raspberry liqueur and served with a floating frozen raspberry. The name reflects the Charing Cross hotel’s position at the most central point of London, whilst the Spanish translation is in honour of The Eleanor Cross outside the hotel.

The Park Lane cocktail at The Cumberland : Priced at £10
A very feminine cocktail with confidence and elegance. The name references The Cumberland hotel’s location at the top of Park Lane. Like the hotel’s post-modern lobby, the Park Lane is design focussed with strong colours; Bombay Sapphire is a key ingredient, served in a champagne flute.

The Tower cocktail: Priced at £11.84
Tower Bridge originally cost £1,184,000 to build (1886-1894) and is served to the guest in a jewellery box referencing The Tower hotel’s location next to the Tower of London - home of the Crown Jewels. Like its namesake hotel, the cocktail is designed to stimulate all the senses; sight - the jewellery box, taste - the flavour, touch - canapé side serve, smell - nutmeg aroma. Beefeater is the base spirit, synonymous with the Tower of London.

The Cavalry cocktail at The Royal Horseguards: Priced at £12
“Shame on him who drinks evil” - dedicated to the hotel’s neighbouring regiment The Household Cavalry, in honour of The Life Guards and The Blues & Royals regiments. “Shame on him who drinks evil” references the original motto of the Life Guards, “Shame on him who thinks evil”. This cocktail is made with Ruby port, Courvoisier Cognac, Grand Marnier and Red burgundy, the cocktail is stirred with a silver stirrer and served on an Oxford Blue leather coaster – the official colours of the regiment.