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Jing An Temple


Jing'an Temple is the most famous landmark in Jing'an District, from which the district obtained its name. It is known as the oldest shrine in the city, dating back even further than the city itself. It was constructed in 247 at the time of the Kingdom of Wu, during the Three Kingdoms period, more than 1,000 years before the official beginning of the city of Shanghai in 1292. Originally located beside the Suzhou Creek, it was relocated to its current site in 1216 during the Song Dynasty, rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty and renovated in 1953,1984 and 2000. In 1912, the country's first Buddhism organization was established at the site. Before 1949, this was Shanghai's richest Buddhist monastery, presided over by the Abbott of Bubbling Well Road (known in Colonial times because of a well located in front of the temple), an imposing figure who kept seven mistresses and a White Russian bodyguard. The temple was converted into a plastics factory during the Cultural Revolution, but back to a temple following reconstruction in 1983.

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